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Sharing Economy Policy UK Round Table

sharing economy and gig economy uk

Sharing Economy Policy UK Round Table   Staff Heroes was honoured to be invited to the Policy UK “The Sharing Economy: Digital Disruption pt.2: Disownership, Regulation and New Economics” round table with guest of honour Patrick Robinson, Head of Policy, EMEA & Canada, Airbnb   Our CEO Laurent Gibb was invited  to discuss “The Host, the Driver, the Freelancer Implications for Employee Rights, Flexible Working & Tax” in the Sharing Economy   The sessions assessed the challenges and opportunities presented to employers and employees through the sharing economy, including the benefits of flexible working arrangements and the opportunity to supplement other incomes and the subsequent income tax and VAT liabilities and how employment law might need to evolve to balance innovation with concerns other employee rights in the sharing economy.   Key Sharing Economy points also discussed focused on: The New Wave of Digital Disruption to the Retail, Hospitality, Automotive and Media Industries Government in the Sharing Space, Consumer Confidence and the Power of a Rating Implications for Employee Rights, Flexible Working & Tax   Some of the panel topics covered included: What should be the priorities for protecting self-employed individuals within the share economy? What are the options to distinguish between

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Trick or treat – Scared who you’ll get this Halloween when booking temporary staff?

Halloween temp staff agency

Witching hour is upon us, maybe you should hire a Hero? At Staff Heroes we don’t play tricks, we just give treats! This Halloween we are giving you the chance to hire some of London’s best talent, to deliver world class service at your upcoming events. We offer you full transparency and free access to our extensive and diverse portfolio of experienced Heroes. You can hire your favourites on an individual or recurring basis, the choice is all yours! With Staff Heroes, we ensure you always have the right people based on their work skills, work experience and references – we vet, we interview, we take care of payroll and admin so you can sit back and relax! It’s coming to the end of our first year and we have signed some fantastic deals, together with an influx of brand new talent. Despite these cold, dark months things are still looking bright for Staff Heroes! Sign in, take a sneak peek and pick your favourites!

Christmas Temp Jobs London – what’s hot

Christmas Temp Jobs London – what’s hot

Christmas Temp Jobs London – what’s hot With Christmas Temp Jobs London trending on Google and with much talk about Christmas temp jobs 2016 specifically on the BBC and other news outlets the count down has officially started. Google trends is showing significant around the Christmas temp job topic, here’s what has been trending this week in terms of web searches a pretty good indication of what’s going on: 1. christmas temp jobs 2016 +500% 2. royal mail christmas jobs +500% 3. new look jobs +140% 4. boots christmas temp jobs +120% 5. christmas jobs london +100% 6. royal mail temp jobs +80% 7. argos christmas jobs +70% 8. post office christmas jobs +70% 9. marks and spencer jobs +60% 10. morrisons jobs +50% It looks like royal mail jobs are proving popular with 3 of the ten christmas temp job london related queries being Royal Mail related. However results could be influenced by media covered, especially with the BBC Breakfasts’ Steph Davis covering the issue in the run up to Christmas Also interesting to see that in Google Trends related topics Minimum wage is also starting to trend with a 60% increase in interest week on week. 1.6m people

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Sharing Economy UK Grows As It Accepts Staff Heroes As New Member

Sharing Economy UK - Gig Economy

Sharing Economy UK (SEUK) Accepts Staff Heroes As New Member Staff Heroes is please to have been accepted as one of the newest sharing economy members. Sharing Economy UK (SEUK) provides a vital role: Supporting By working closely with Government and representing the sharing economy community. Also by lobbying for changes to protect consumers and sharing economy businesses. Regulating All Sharing Economy members are required to sign up to a central code of conduct, setting out standards for staff training, safety and complaints procedures.  Unlocking Sharing Economy UK (SEUK) was created in March 2015 following am independent review commissioned by Government, entitled ‘Unlocking the UK’s Sharing Economy’. This report was authored by Debbie Wosskow, the founder of Love Home Swap, in November 2014.   Sharing Economy has three key objectives: Advocate – To Make the UK a global centre for the sharing economy Set standards – Establish a trustmark for responsible sharing practices Find answers – Respond to the shared challenges of our members   Staff Heroes is looking forward to contributing to sharing economy and into ‘gig’ and ‘on-demand work’ research that SEUK is doing in conjunction with research partners and the government to create a balanced ecosystem for all platforms operating in the

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Selecting the right staffing agencies for your business

hospitality staffing agencies

When trying to find personnel fast, there is really no need to go through the whole recruiting process from a to z to hire a qualified professional. Staffing agencies can do this for you and they can do it very well. However, since there are a large number of agencies on the market it can sometimes be difficult finding the right one for your business. And why is that?   Agencies, at least the best ones, have a huge databases of candidates, in various fields. However, sometimes it just so happens that the agency doesn’t have any available personnel in your particular field, which means that they need to start the recruiting process from scratch. If this happens, you might not get candidates for a while, or if you get them fast they might not be the type of persona that you want. So how can you make sure that you select the right staffing agency for your business?   Tip #1: Inquire first   It is extremely easy to call an agency and ask them if they can provide you with qualified personnel for your business. Most will say they can as they are eager to get new clients

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Top qualities of temp agencies

temp agencies in uk at work

While there are a number of temp agencies on the market, only a handful of them can truly deliver exceptional services for your business. A good staffing agency needs to provide you with top-notch talent – one that will be a perfect fit for your needs regardless whether it is full time, part time or even temp staffing. In today’s business world, it is imperative that temp staffing companies stay ahead by constantly monitoring the industry’s trends, and adapting their business to the way the economic situation changes. Another important point is the fact that the best temp agencies should always be able to respond to your needs by employing a mix of tech-savvy qualities and general know-how. Without further ado, let us have a look at the top qualities that temp agencies need to have to over deliver and provide you with the best staffing solutions. This way, the next time you are in need of temp staff, you will be able to not only get it fast but get it right!   Going beyond job postings While traditional recruitment heavily relied on posting jobs on every platform, ranging from newspaper listings to job sites, in today’s world, to

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Chef Events Case Study

Accessing hospitality staff and the best temp work service across London Established by Greg Tuvey through his love of events and dedication to working with the best chefs, suppliers and venues; Chef Events has come to be a sought after catering company for both private and corporate events. Their unique blend of amazing flavours and flexible, convenient service has succeeded in delivering high-end street food offerings at some of the UK’s most prestigious sporting events. It’s important that Chef Events have exceptional catering staff to support their growing client base.   Read more about why businesses chose Staff Heroes in our series of case studies here

How to find good temporary jobs fast

UK good temporary jobs for office

If you want to find good temporary jobs and this in a hurry, there are a few steps that you need to consider no matter if you are using Staff Heroes or a staffing agency. So, without further ado here are our recommendations on what you should do if you truly want to get a temp job and get paid fast.

What is a Temporary Employment contract?

zero hours contract the temporary employment contract

Right now, working as a temp staff is becoming more and more popular. There are plenty of advantages, but considering the fact that people working full time do not always get the rights they are supposed to get when they are signing an employment contract, how can you ensure that your temporary employment contract is top notch?

Thinking of using recruitment agencies in Wimbledon during the tennis? Think twice

Strawberries at Wimbledon Tennis Championships

It’s that time of year again and Wimbledon is abuzz with excitement as Wimbledon AELT kicks off! The Championships, Wimbledon, often referred to simply as Wimbledon, is the oldest tennis championship in the world, and is generally regarded as the most prestigious. It has taken place at the All England Club in Wimbledon in London since 1877.  One of the four annual Grand Slam tennis events, the others being the Australian, French and US Open, it is steeped in history. Taking place over a two week period in late June and early July, culminating with the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Singles Final, always taking place the second Saturday and Sunday respectively. Five major, junior, and invitational events are held each year. Wimbledon has many traditions which includes a strict dress code for competitors, the eating of many, many strawberries and cream by the spectators, and Royal patronage with a dash of top stars such as Cliff Richard. So what does this mean for Wimbledon businesses? Typically a massive spike in business over this two week period when businesses can do the same volume of business and revenue as they did in the past three months. This is a welcome surge after the winter months and as

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