Staff Heroes be to the staffing sector, what Uber is to the taxi industry. We remove the need for businesses to spend time and resources on unnecessary admin and agency fees, by providing a secure, automated platform to source quality workers with ease.


To be the first choice for any company with contingency staffing needs. Staff Heroes is the first online technology platform is geared towards making staff shortages a thing of the past.

Staff Heroes specifically addresses the difficulties that the temporary staffing industry faces when looking for short term workers and help with contingency staffing needs. provides a complete end-to-end service that allows employers to tap into a talent pool of quality temporary staff without the hassle.


What to expect from the Staff Heroes Team and it's Heroes

H - Honesty

We operate in a just trustworthy, transparent and fair way at all times. We always maintain the highest level of Honesty and conduct themselves in an irreproachable way

E - Empowerment

We are not an agency, we are a transparent and agnostic technology platform giving back the power and control to our customers

R - Reliability

Always going beyond the line to fulfill our shifts and commitments

O - Ownership

We do what we say, and when things aren't right we make them right - fast

E - Enthusiasm

We love what we do, no job is too small, no job is too big, we always aim to delight

S - Success

Above all else we want our customers to succeed and always have their interest at heart

And we do all of this through
a technology platform!
All in a day's work