Staff Heroes Blog - Month: November 2016

Sharing Economy Policy UK Round Table

sharing economy and gig economy uk

Sharing Economy Policy UK Round Table


Staff Heroes was honoured to be invited to the Policy UK "The Sharing Economy: Digital Disruption pt.2: Disownership, Regulation and New Economics" round table with guest of honour Patrick Robinson, Head of Policy, EMEA & Canada, Airbnb


Our CEO Laurent Gibb was invited  to discuss "The Host, the Driver, the Freelancer Implications for Employee Rights, Flexible Working & Tax" in the Sharing Economy


The sessions assessed the challenges and opportunities presented to employers and employees through the sharing economy, including the benefits of flexible working arrangements and the opportunity to supplement other incomes and the subsequent income tax and VAT liabilities and how employment law might need to evolve to balance innovation with concerns other employee rights in the sharing economy.


Key Sharing Economy points also discussed focused on:

  • The New Wave of Digital Disruption to the Retail, Hospitality, Automotive and Media Industries
  • Government in the Sharing Space, Consumer Confidence and the Power of a Rating
  • Implications for Employee Rights, Flexible Working & Tax


Some of the panel topics covered included:

  • What should be the priorities for protecting self-employed individuals within the share economy?
  • What are the options to distinguish between ‘occasional basis’ and a more professional approach to sharing?
  • With a number of people now officially self-employed within the consumer economy what are the options to ensure workers understand tax obligations as well as their rights?
  • Does there need to be a new definition of a collaborative economy employee – particularly as workers are ultimately subordinate to the facilitator organisation?
  • Who is responsible for the actions of a ‘self-employed’ worker of a multinational sharing economy company?


The sharing economy panel included  Susie Al-Qassab (Associate Partner, Howard Kennedy), Steve Garelick Branch Secretary, (GMB Professional Drivers Branch) and Laurent Gibb (CEO, Staff Heroes) and hosted by Matt Gingell from Gannons.