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Meet the Team – Account Management

The Staff Heroes account management team are dedicated to working with your business, to fulfill your requirements for your temporary staffing needs. If there’s ever anything you’re not 100% sure of, or if you simply want to know how to get the best out of the platform, our Account Management team has the answers. Whether it be for a specialist event or for help working through the perfect mix of experience, training, and qualities to deliver an exceptional service, our experienced team are happy to answer any questions you may have, no matter the size or complexity. Ben and Ewa have over 8 years of industry experience between them and have built a wealth of knowledge across a range of industries and client requirements, from large account management to independent & boutique services   Ben Nakimovitch Job Title: Head of Account Management Specialism: Stadiums & Contract Catering   Ben’s journey in hospitality started in 2006 when he joined Elior group as a placement student. He started working for the contract catering side of the business before moving to the group’s event caterer.  In 2012 Ben moved to London to take part in the London Olympics, not as an athlete unfortunately,

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Online shoppers responsible for huge decline in retail temp jobs

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Online shoppers responsible for huge decline in retail temp jobs It’s no secret that high street shopping has been on a decline in the last few years, and as a business that’s involved in the recruitment and employment, we thought we’d look at just how much of an impact it’s had on temp workers. Our research showed that the demand for temp workers working within retail has fallen by more than 376% over the last four years in the UK, with Christmas temp workers suffering the biggest decline with a decrease in demand of 255% since December 2013. However, we also found that the number of temporary bar and festival temp roles such as; wardens, information assistants, and toilet supervisors has increased by 61% in the last four years. As part of our research we also surveyed 500 businesses across the UK and found that more than four fifths (81%) blamed the decline in temp workers to the rise of online shopping. When talking to these businesses, “tighter staff budgets” were another big reason for the lack of demand for retail temp roles, as companies are apparently being told to “make do” with no additional staff during busy periods such

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Hospitality Wages are Booming

It’s a great time to be looking for temporary work in hospitality. But what happens next? Working in the hospitality industry may be many things: hectic, varied and demanding to name just three. But when it comes to the rewards, traditionally they’ve been more about job satisfaction, loving what you do and getting a real buzz from delivering great service rather than financial.  Working in hospitality has never been a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. If you love working in hospitality but wish the job paid a little better, there’s been lots to encourage you recently. In January we heard that hospitality wages were up more than 10% at the end of 2017, streets ahead of workers in every other sector (the average rise was 2.8%). This March, the £ signs were flashing again. Year on year data showed wages in hospitality up 6.5%. And whilst that’s a national trend, it’s specifically good news for London which is seeing advertised vacancies increasing after a bit of a slump. Put simply, now’s a great time to be looking for temporary hospitality work in London.   Explaining the Rise   It seems every story has a Brexit angle and this is no exception,

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May – Hero of the Month

“Working for Staff Heroes has meant me and my partner are able to easily manage the childcare of our one-year-old son. I choose the shifts I want around the family schedule.” Super mum, Sandra, has been one busy body during the month of May. Whilst registering an impressive 20 shifts, Sandra also manages to spend plenty of quality time with her young son, Harvey, citing the flexible schedule SH offers her as key to her being able to share those special moments with her partner and child. Sandra moved to London from her native Lithuania. After sharing time between her Mother’s home on the coast and her father’s home in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, as a child, Sandra studied Marketing and Advertising before deciding to up roots and come to London in 2014. Following her arrival in the capital 4 years ago, Sandra has gained a vast knowledge and skill-base as a waitress, explored all that London has to offer (“well, almost,” she says), and started a family. As our Hero of the Month for May, we caught up with Sandra to see how everything is from her side.   Well, Sandra, how are you? I’m great thanks. Just recovering from a

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4 Ways Brexit is Affecting the Jobs Market Right Now

It’s having a destabilising effect on the British economy right now, but for gig-workers is Brexit good news? Brexit is the Lord Voldemort of British politics. Mere mention of its name sees normally rational people either cower in fear or become ranting hysterics. It’s the best thing since sliced bread (a British loaf, mind you) or the biggest crime against Europe since Mamma Mia inflicted Pierce Brosnan’s singing on an entire Greek island. With Brexit, there is no halfway house. It is weapons-grade Marmite. It is also (a certain D Trump aside) the greatest generator of fake news both for and against. But right now, Brexit is having an effect on the jobs market – despite the fact we won’t leave the EU until, nominally, 2019 and in reality at the very end of 2020. Here’s how:   Tough Market   It won’t have escaped your notice that certain sectors of the economy have been struggling of late. The retail and restaurant markets have seen notable failures, with big brands – from Toys’R’Us to Maplin, Prezzo to Jamie’s Italian – seeing branches close. Estimates suggest 15,000 jobs have gone or are at risk in the UK retail sector this year.

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Protecting The Gig Worker

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There’s a lot of noise about the lack of protection gig workers have as they move from job to job. But not every gig-worker is on their own…   It’s fair to say that trade unions aren’t great fans of the gig economy. Last year, Tim Roache, general secretary of the GMB union described it as a “dark shadow” which had left us “hurtling towards casualisation of labour.” Unions are swift to jump on the uncertainty of gig work, the freelancer’s lack of official worker status and the apparent lack of protections. If you’re expecting us to launch into an attack on unions at this point you’ll be sadly disappointed. Unions are invaluable. They protect the rights of many millions of workers and are a crucial check and balance on unscrupulous employers. But unions don’t get gig-workers. They don’t get why anyone wouldn’t want to work a standard 9-5. They don’t get the many benefits of gig work. And they don’t realise that, for many gig-workers, there are all sorts of protections in place – they’re just delivered in new ways.   Protecting gig workers   Admittedly, it depends on the gig working platform, but Staff Heroes has a range

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The Government and the Gig

Was the government’s response to the Taylor Report a hint that it wants the gig economy to keep doing what it does best? If you want to be charitable to the government, you could argue that Theresa May and her team have had rather a lot on their plate of late, from Brexit to NHS crises to the arrival of Cold War II, The Sequel. So it’s perhaps not all that surprising that when it came to examining the findings of the Taylor report, the response was not as rip-roaring as most people might have wished. When the Taylor Review into Modern Working Practices was published last July, it’s fair to say it wasn’t greeted with the warmest of receptions. Unions were quick to slam it as “full of vacuous fluff”; we felt there was much that was admirable about the report, whilst recognising it was a starting point, not an end. Over to the government, who then had to decide what to do about Taylor’s 53 recommendations. It announced it was going to act on 52 of them although, when it got down to the nitty gritty, it seems that what it really meant by ‘act’ was to launch

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April – Hero of the Month

“I’ve really enjoyed the regular work Staff Heroes provides on a flexible schedule. Also the people I work with are great. A few of us that work together have started a WhatsApp group.”   Is there anything this man can’t do? Our Hero of the Month for April, Nicholas, has been hotter than his hometown of Alicante this past month! The Spaniard has clocked up a huge number of shifts and has done so while maintaining an unblemished 5* rating. Hats off to you, sir.   After moving to London 5 years ago, Nicholas has been working in hospitality in the capital and has developed a simply mind-blowing array of skills and experience. Although Waiting is his primary role, he has proven his worth as an outstanding host, and is equally adept building beautiful cocktails or whipping up a perfectly balanced flat white.   So at Heroes HQ, we decided that it was time this man got some formal recognition. We caught up with Nicholas to learn a bit more about him and to present him with the Hero of the Month award and a £25 Amazon Voucher.   How’s it going today Nicholas? Yes, I’m good. I was enjoying a nice

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5 Gig Myths Exploded

It doesn’t pay. It isn’t skilled. It’ll never last and why on earth would you actually choose to work in it? It’s time we took issue with 5 of the most oft-repeated myths about the world of the gig. The gig economy is overhyped. It’s not that big a deal really When McKinsey investigated the scale of the global gig economy, they found 20-30% of workers in the US and top 15 European economies had spent time as freelancers and contract workers. That, they said, equates to 162 million people. There is an issue of definition here. The RSA estimates 1.1 million people in the UK in gig work, although they restricted their definition to jobs sourced using online platforms like Staff Heroes. We would argue, as McKinsey did, that it’s a little dangerous to define a whole sector by the tool you use to get the job. We are, of course, a growing part of the gig economy, but we and our app-based peers are not the gig economy in its entirety. Take a wider measure, then, and you end up somewhere between 6 and 14 million in the UK gig economy. You get the picture. Whatever definition you

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What’s being a gig worker really like?

We could talk till the cows come home about what it’s like to work in the gig economy (and we often do). But if you’re think of joining the ranks of people who ditched the day job, you’d probably prefer to hear from real people. So here they are. There’s an immediate challenge in writing a post like this. If we simply wax lyrical about what it’s like to be a gig worker you probably won’t believe us. And if we present you with a bunch of testimonials from people who are gig working with Staff Heroes, you’ll think we’ve either a) made them up or b) just chosen the best ones. So allow us to pull from a variety of sources on this, and to set a few things straight from the outset: Where this post quotes gig workers who’ve talked to other publications, we’ll link you to those publications so you can check they’re authentic. Where we use the words of our own Staff Heroes (if it doesn’t have a link, it’s one of our own), we promise you’ll find them either on the employee section of the website, or within the independent reviews section. And whilst we

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