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Christmas Temp Jobs London – what’s hot

Christmas Temp Jobs London – what’s hot

Christmas Temp Jobs London – what’s hot

With Christmas Temp Jobs London trending on Google and with much talk about Christmas temp jobs 2016 specifically on the BBC and other news outlets the count down has officially started.

Google trends is showing significant around the Christmas temp job topic, here’s what has been trending this week in terms of web searches a pretty good indication of what’s going on:

1. christmas temp jobs 2016 +500%

2. royal mail christmas jobs +500%

3. new look jobs +140%

4. boots christmas temp jobs +120%

5. christmas jobs london +100%

6. royal mail temp jobs +80%

7. argos christmas jobs +70%

8. post office christmas jobs +70%

9. marks and spencer jobs +60%

10. morrisons jobs +50%

It looks like royal mail jobs are proving popular with 3 of the ten christmas temp job london related queries being Royal Mail related. However results could be influenced by media covered, especially with the BBC Breakfasts’ Steph Davis covering the issue in the run up to Christmas

Also interesting to see that in Google Trends related topics Minimum wage is also starting to trend with a 60% increase in interest week on week.

1.6m people who do temporary work in the UK each choosing this type of work for different reasons including:
– Using temporary work as a stop gap between jobs
– Students who want to make a bit of money during their studies or to help fund their studies
– Being able to work flexibly, important for care workers or mothers
– Having a better work life balance, choosing when/where to work

But how many people will use temporary work as a stepping stone into permanent work and indeed how many want this. It will be interesting to see the numbers coming out of Q4.

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