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Meet the Team – Onboarding and Community

At Staff Heroes, we constantly aim to attract the most talented Heroes for every position and ensure they are satisfied and reaching their potential through the platform. As a company, we are continually looking to achieve this and improve, because we know that happy, motivated Heroes enjoy their jobs and excel in what they do.   Our Onboarding and Community department, lead by Jacob Khokhlov, is tasked with constantly finding ways we can improve this. Jacob was recently appointed department head and has been hard at work devising myriad ways in which we can hire the right workers and keep them delighted, to ensure that Staff Heroes is the #1 platform for worker satisfaction.   With over thirteen years of experience in digital start-ups, Jacob brings a wealth of knowledge in building complex systems and ensuring customer success.   Jacob Khokhlov Job Title: Head of Community   Jacob started as an Art Historian and Egyptologist, studying at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and completing his double BA studies in record short time; The University of Manchester and going on to write his DPhil at The Queen’s College, Oxford. His working career started in the world-famous cataloging department of Chinese Works

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5 Tech Solutions to Your Hospitality Challenges

From solving fluctuating staffing requirements to ending the IT headache, discover the tech that’s changing the world of hospitality. Every day it seems there’s another piece of technology promising to take some of the efforts out of the hospitality sector’s day to day work. But which elements have ‘legs’, and which are the flashes in the pans destined to occupy shelf space next to the Betamax, the Palm Pilot, and Myspace? We’ve been looking at the technology that’s making a real difference by addressing five core hospitality challenges.   #1: The IT drain Software as a Service SAAS is hardly new, but it’s taken a while to become common in the hospitality sector. The fact it has is down to the core advantages of SAAS: cost and simplicity. Once, before you could get started with your hotel management system, there were a few hurdles to overcome. You needed the hardware, of course. Then you’d install the software. Then, when that didn’t work properly, you’d call IT who would blame something you didn’t understand and fix it until an update was required, when the whole cycle would begin again. Cloud technology replaces the cost of much of the physical hardware and

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July – Hero of the Month

“At pretty short notice I needed to find some additional work to support myself whilst I was away from Uni. In fact, I clicked a Facebook ad, and I was working 5 days later.” Our latest Hero of the Month has probably been the busiest man in London in the past month. After working shifts through the Staff Heroes platform in the day, William heads over to the Southwark Playhouse theatre in the evening where he performs in a production of Goodnight Mr. Tom until 11:00 pm. Not forgetting to mention that William is also poised to begin his 2nd year at Goldsmith’s University where he’s studying for a BSc in Creative Computing, I was, frankly, surprised that he was able to spare half an hour of his time for a catch-up last week. We met William for a cappuccino at The Ritzy in Brixton to thank him for all of his hard work throughout July and to award him with his £25 Amazon voucher.   Hey William, you’ve been with us a little while now. How is everything? Yes, very hectic, but amazing! I’m not working today but lately I’ve been working and acting from 06:00 until 23:00 most days… I’m

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Earn £15 an Hour in the Greatest Ever Job at a Festival!

Ever been at a festival but felt like you’ve missed out on the first day just because it’s taken SO long to put up your tent? Well, we’ve just launched our new Festival Concierge service to make sure no one has to miss a minute of their favourite festivals!   Sound interesting? Well we’re looking for Festival Concierge workers to get started ahead of Boomtown and Boardmasters next month, and that’s why we need you.   The job role will involve travelling around the UK to festivals such as Reading and Leeds, Boomtown, and Boardmasters and performing various tasks to make festival-goers experiences more enjoyable.   As a Festival Concierge it will be your job to help UK festival-goers enjoy a VIP experience, without any of the hassle. The role will be paying upwards of £15 an hour and you’ll also get FREE entry to any of the events you work at – so you can enjoy the festivals when you’re not working!   The role will involve collecting festival-goers belongings from their cars and taking them to the campsite on arrival, putting up tents, buying food and drink from stalls, and making a timetable of acts the customer would

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June – Hero of the Month

“Of course the flexibility is good, but since leaving the corporate world and having more control over when I work, I am much happier.” Our star from Milan shone brightest throughout the month of June. Eva has only been with Staff Heroes since the beginning of May, but she has truly left her mark in the past two months. A former manager of Franco Manca’s original restaurant in Brixton Market, Eva undoubtedly knows a thing or two about achieving success in the restaurant trade. The London resident of 4 years has embodied everything that we value at Staff Heroes since joining and deservedly takes our Hero of the Month award for June. As always, we caught up with our Hero of the Month to check in with her and see what exciting things she had been doing this summer.   Hello Eva, great to see you. How is everything? Everything is good. Obviously I’ve been pretty busy over the past couple of months but I had a very nice holiday at the end of April back in Italy! Apart from that, just enjoying the sun here.   You and me both! So, you haven’t been with us too long. What brought you

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Meet the Team – Account Management

The Staff Heroes account management team are dedicated to working with your business, to fulfill your requirements for your temporary staffing needs. If there’s ever anything you’re not 100% sure of, or if you simply want to know how to get the best out of the platform, our Account Management team has the answers. Whether it be for a specialist event or for help working through the perfect mix of experience, training, and qualities to deliver an exceptional service, our experienced team are happy to answer any questions you may have, no matter the size or complexity. Ben and Ewa have over 8 years of industry experience between them and have built a wealth of knowledge across a range of industries and client requirements, from large account management to independent & boutique services.   Ben Nakimovitch Job Title: Head of Account Management Specialism: Stadiums & Contract Catering   Ben’s journey in hospitality started in 2006 when he joined Elior group as a placement student. He started working for the contract catering side of the business before moving to the group’s event caterer.  In 2012 Ben moved to London to take part in the London Olympics, not as an athlete unfortunately,

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Online shoppers responsible for huge decline in retail temp jobs

Promotional in store demonstrator temp agency

Online shoppers responsible for huge decline in retail temp jobs It’s no secret that high street shopping has been on a decline in the last few years, and as a business that’s involved in the recruitment and employment, we thought we’d look at just how much of an impact it’s had on temp workers. Our research showed that the demand for temp workers working within retail has fallen by more than 376% over the last four years in the UK, with Christmas temp workers suffering the biggest decline with a decrease in demand of 255% since December 2013. However, we also found that the number of temporary bar and festival temp roles such as; wardens, information assistants, and toilet supervisors has increased by 61% in the last four years. As part of our research we also surveyed 500 businesses across the UK and found that more than four fifths (81%) blamed the decline in temp workers to the rise of online shopping. When talking to these businesses, “tighter staff budgets” were another big reason for the lack of demand for retail temp roles, as companies are apparently being told to “make do” with no additional staff during busy periods such

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Hospitality Wages are Booming

It’s a great time to be looking for temporary work in hospitality. But what happens next? Working in the hospitality industry may be many things: hectic, varied and demanding to name just three. But when it comes to the rewards, traditionally they’ve been more about job satisfaction, loving what you do and getting a real buzz from delivering great service rather than financial.  Working in hospitality has never been a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. If you love working in hospitality but wish the job paid a little better, there’s been lots to encourage you recently. In January we heard that hospitality wages were up more than 10{c2ee3d7c651143451105162be4a124d03590fc3b28b5e52c309a79c440755638} at the end of 2017, streets ahead of workers in every other sector (the average rise was 2.8{c2ee3d7c651143451105162be4a124d03590fc3b28b5e52c309a79c440755638}). This March, the £ signs were flashing again. Year on year data showed wages in hospitality up 6.5{c2ee3d7c651143451105162be4a124d03590fc3b28b5e52c309a79c440755638}. And whilst that’s a national trend, it’s specifically good news for London which is seeing advertised vacancies increasing after a bit of a slump. Put simply, now’s a great time to be looking for temporary hospitality work in London.   Explaining the Rise   It seems every story has a Brexit angle and this is no exception,

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May – Hero of the Month

“Working for Staff Heroes has meant me and my partner are able to easily manage the childcare of our one-year-old son. I choose the shifts I want around the family schedule.” Super mum, Sandra, has been one busy body during the month of May. Whilst registering an impressive 20 shifts, Sandra also manages to spend plenty of quality time with her young son, Harvey, citing the flexible schedule SH offers her as key to her being able to share those special moments with her partner and child. Sandra moved to London from her native Lithuania. After sharing time between her Mother’s home on the coast and her father’s home in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, as a child, Sandra studied Marketing and Advertising before deciding to up roots and come to London in 2014. Following her arrival in the capital 4 years ago, Sandra has gained a vast knowledge and skill-base as a waitress, explored all that London has to offer (“well, almost,” she says), and started a family. As our Hero of the Month for May, we caught up with Sandra to see how everything is from her side.   Well, Sandra, how are you? I’m great thanks. Just recovering from a

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4 Ways Brexit is Affecting the Jobs Market Right Now

It’s having a destabilising effect on the British economy right now, but for gig-workers is Brexit good news? Brexit is the Lord Voldemort of British politics. Mere mention of its name sees normally rational people either cower in fear or become ranting hysterics. It’s the best thing since sliced bread (a British loaf, mind you) or the biggest crime against Europe since Mamma Mia inflicted Pierce Brosnan’s singing on an entire Greek island. With Brexit, there is no halfway house. It is weapons-grade Marmite. It is also (a certain D Trump aside) the greatest generator of fake news both for and against. But right now, Brexit is having an effect on the jobs market – despite the fact we won’t leave the EU until, nominally, 2019 and in reality at the very end of 2020. Here’s how:   Tough Market   It won’t have escaped your notice that certain sectors of the economy have been struggling of late. The retail and restaurant markets have seen notable failures, with big brands – from Toys’R’Us to Maplin, Prezzo to Jamie’s Italian – seeing branches close. Estimates suggest 15,000 jobs have gone or are at risk in the UK retail sector this year.

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