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Flexible work,built around you

The people who find temp jobs with Staff Heroes do so for all sorts of reasons. But the reasons they stay with us are very, very simple…

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…So for everyone who wants flexible working options in London. For everyone who wants part time work on their terms. And for everyone for whom temporary jobs are exactly what they need right now, Staff Heroes is for them. It’s also for you.

Become a Hero

The Perfect Job

We match you on your experience, skills, and personality, to make sure you always get the perfect role.

Instant payment

You could be paid for your shifts before you get home and put your feet up.

Guaranteed Income

Work towards building a guaranteed income level, so you can be sure of what you will be earning.

3 Easy Steps

Apply online. Create your profile. Attend an assessment. Get activated on our platform and start earning money the way you want.

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Jobs we offer

Weekend Jobs

If your schedule means you have time to work during the weekend, then Staff Heroes can match you with the perfect businesses looking for weekend staff. From hospitality to promotional staff.

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Temp Jobs

Find the perfect flexible and temp jobs that fit your schedule with our easy to use app. Start working today!

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Summer Jobs

Supercharge your summer by finding the perfect flexible jobs. Access businesses looking for temporary summer staff or ongoing flexible summer work, time and again.

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Over 50s Jobs

Find temporary and flexible work to fit in with your schedule. Find the perfect job with Staff Heroes when suits you.

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Student Jobs

Work flexibly in a variety of roles in hospitality, retail and business administration. Earn money and add to your skills throughout your time at University.

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Christmas Jobs

Find temporary and flexible Christmas jobs, and return year after year. From hospitality and events to retail jobs.

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Temporary work in London for Heroes like you…

For every person who values the extra income a second job brings, there is someone else looking to grow their knowledge or contacts, or build their experience in preparation for taking the next step to a new career. Choose a temporary position with Staff Heroes and discover where it could take you.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Staff Heroes is that you set your availability and we build the jobs around you. So if you are only available at weekends or evenings, or if you want a holiday or Christmas job in London, that’s what you can have.

It may be temp work now, but a temporary contract doesn’t necessarily have to stay that way. Staff Heroes can stay as part time and temporary as you wish. But when the time arrives to switch from temp to perm, the contacts and experience you gain with us can be invaluable.

Perhaps you have retired but miss the challenge and social connections of daily work. Perhaps redundancy has left you between jobs and temporary and part-time positions with Staff Heroes give you the time you need to attend interviews for your next full time role. Or perhaps you don’t need to work, you just want to. Whatever your situation, you are welcome at Staff Heroes. Find your next temporary jobs in London with us, now.

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