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Over 50 and looking for a job?
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Why find Over 50s temp jobs with Staff Heroes?

  • You select the days and hours you want to work.
  • Choose your the job, the project and the employer, from a huge range of jobs for over 50s across London.
  • The jobs find you! Take the time and effort out of finding your next shift – get them sent straight to your smartphone.
  • Better than any temp staffing or employment agency, our smart technology matches you with your perfect jobs.

Stay flexible

The beauty of Staff Heroes is you choose the places and hours you work, but the more you can do, the more opportunities you will get.

Don’t just be a temp

Of course, you are temp staff, but there’s a difference between the temporary worker who does what the job requires and leaves, and the temp who goes the extra mile. It could be the difference that ensures you will still be contacted for temporary work in the New Year.

Join in

You have a choice. You can treat your temp jobs in London as just that – temporary roles that will be over soon. Or you can see them for what they really are: A fantastic way to build experience

Over 50s temp jobs in London – the Q&A

In a nutshell: temp jobs in London. The employers who find staff with us come from a broad range of sectors. They are hotels in need of bar staff, restaurants with an urgent requirement for a head chef or waiting staff, office-based businesses that need experienced office managers or personal assistants, and promotional companies looking for experienced product demonstrators.

Oh yes. Our clients choose Staff Heroes because with us they know they can tick both job search boxes: they can find staff fast, but more importantly, they can find real in-depth experience. For our customers, that experience – the sort that enables our Staff Heroes to ‘hit the ground running’ – is absolutely crucial, because they don’t have time to spend training the temp. They need people who can make a difference to their business in an instant.

They certainly all start out that way – temporary is our raison d’etre after all. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be asked for a second shift – in fact it’s quite likely that you will. You may also be added to an employer’s pool of temporary workers, so they can select available workers from Heroes who have already proved themselves. And occasionally we do know of Heroes who start as temporary help and are invited to become permanent. That’s not our goal or expectation, but it’s nice when it happens.

The world of work has changed. Nowhere has that change been more pronounced than in the world of over 50s jobs in London. There are more older workers in the job market than ever before, and what they expect from a job covers a much broader spectrum than ever before. You might have all the burning ambition you had in your 20s and want to channel it in a new direction; you might have more ambition than you had in your 20s. You might be wanting to slow down and find a job on a part time basis; you might be wanting to speed up and cross as many items off your to do list in the next few years as you can. Whatever your ambition, Staff Heroes is for you.

We’re a different sort of recruitment agency, a sort of jobs matchmaker that helps connect London businesses with skilled staff. The difference between the people who choose to find work with us and the people you might typically find at an employment agency, is that our Staff Heroes value the temporary and part time opportunities we offer. For many of them – including many older people – they’re not looking for full time and long term. For all sorts of reasons they want part time jobs in London that give them flexibility to meet their other commitments. Perhaps you have another job and need something that slots neatly in between. Perhaps you are studying. Perhaps you have family or other commitments that mean you couldn’t work in a permanent or full time role even if you wanted to. With Staff Heroes, the jobs you are offered are tailored to your availability.

In Brief

Role Requirements for our Over 50s temp jobs

  • Great communication skills
  • Adaptable to different environments
  • Well-presented and a friendly attitude
  • Superb customer service skills
  • Eligible to work in the UK

Experience & Training

  • A minimum of 6 months’ experience in a hospitality, retail or admin role

Get started with Staff Heroes

  • Apply Today
  • Complete your profile in as much detail as you can. The more you enter now, the more chances you will have to find the right roles, on the right days, at the right rate.
  • Pop in to meet us – we will go over a few things including checking your documents. You may meet a few of your fellow Heroes-to-be along the way, too.

Become a Hero

The Perfect Job

We match you on your experience, skills, and personality, to make sure you always get the perfect role.

Instant payment

You could be paid for your shifts before you get home and put your feet up.

Guaranteed Income

Work towards building a guaranteed income level, so you can be sure of what you will be earning.

3 Easy Steps

Create your profile, attend an assessment, and get activated on our platform to start earning money the way you want.

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