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That loan will only stretch so far, especially in the capital.
Make life that bit easier with flexible jobs for students in London.

Why find Student temp jobs with Staff Heroes?

  • You get real job flexibility, so you can fit the work around your studies and term time.
  • Planning a career in retail, hospitality, clerical or events? Start building a broad pool of experience (and contacts) now.
  • Make it easier to afford university or college whilst staying in control of your studies.
  • The temporary student jobs find you! Better than any temp staffing or employment agency, our smart technology matches you with your perfect jobs – and delivers them straight to your smartphone.


It can be a real challenge, juggling your studies with the demands of a job, and even temporary student jobs in london require a level of commitment. The more organised and committed you are, the better. That means doing the basic things right, such as punctuality, focus, preparation and having a willingness to learn.

Don’t think of it as temporary

Of course, you are a student temp worker, and once university is over the chances are you’ll move on. But make a great impression now – by going the extra mile, being flexible and making yourself an integral part of the team – and you could have regular work for the rest of your time at university. If you want it, that could include summer jobs and holiday jobs too. That could add up to a lot of hours.

Join in

We’ll let you into a secret about our jobs for students: success isn’t simply about doing the job; it’s about how well you integrate with the team. Learning how to work as part of a diverse team can be a valuable skill now and in the future. Have fun working, many jobs are in a fun buzzy environment like waiter waitress, bar staff waiter and other jobs.

Student temp jobs in London – the Q&A

In every bar, office and store where our Heroes work, there are part time, gap year and temporary student workers who are seen as far more than an extra pair of hands. We have student workers who are valued every bit as highly as many of the permanent, full time staff. And the more a client values what you do, the more they will invite you back. So what can you do to ensure the businesses you work with see you as a Hero?

Yes. That’s what makes Staff Heroes perfect for finding student jobs in London. Naturally, the more flexible you can be the more potential employers you’ll be able to work with. But suppose you have no lectures on a Friday afternoon, or you can work any evening except Sunday because there’s always an assignment to prep on Sunday night. Just tell the app and it will find employers offering hours that match your needs.

Jobs in London for students offer far more than some handy extra cash (although they’re great for that too). There’s a wealth of customer service, teamworking, commercial savvy and entrepreneurial experience you can gain in a temporary student job which will serve you well long after you stop being a student. Remember, the role doesn’t need to be an exact match with your future career plans to give you lots of transferable skills that future employers will want.

It’s a question of finding the right balance. Think about what you are good at. Consider the sort of role you might enjoy, and the sort of skills and responsibilities you want to develop. Crucially, be realistic about how much time you have. It’s much better to start with a few hours and build up than to find the perfect part time student job, only to have to give it up as study pressures increase. Also consider travel distances and how far you are prepared to travel from your student accommodation especially if you might be finishing work late.

That’s no problem and many employers understand this. In fact they actively seek out student support for summer holiday and part time holiday jobs. You may even find that a temporary student job is a good stepping stone before taking on a graduate job and relieves the pressure to find your perfect grad job immediately.

In Brief

Role Requirements for our jobs in London for students

  • Great communication skills
  • Adaptable to different environments
  • Well-presented and a friendly attitude
  • Superb customer service skills
  • Eligible to work in the U.K.

Experience & Training

  • A minimum of 6 months experience in a hospitality, retail or admin role
  • Some part time jobs, first jobs and entry level jobs don’t require any training, just a hunger to learn new skills

Get started with Staff Heroes

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  • Complete your profile in as much detail as possible
  • Pop in to meet us – we will go over a few things including checking your documents. You may meet a few of your fellow Heroes-to-be along the way, too.
  • End your job search and finally find the part time work you are looking for
  • Get job alerts and start working

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