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Banqueting Waiter & Waitress temporary jobs in London

Central London

£7.83 – 8.58
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What makes a banqueting waiter/waitress a Hero?

Adaptability: Full time waiters and waitresses get it (relatively) easy. They don’t have to adapt their serving style to suit a number of restaurants, hotels and cafes because they work permanently at the same one.

The same cannot be said of our Staff Heroes. You will find our waiters and waitresses at all sorts of exciting London locations and each employer may take a slightly different view of service standards. So whilst the standard silver service skills will remain valuable, you need to be able to dial the attentiveness and formality up or down a little depending on the specific occasion. Your supervisor should set the tone for each event, so make sure you listen to them. Supreme service: It’s not simply that you serve from the left and occasionally decrumb the table. Our Staff Heroes are proactive waiters and waitresses with a positive approach to their duties. They look for opportunities to make a difference. They listen for, retain and communicate the important information about allergens and intolerances that can keep customers safe and protect businesses too. And they know the menu they will be serving, so they can explain anything unfamiliar to guests. Invisibly brilliant: No one notices the exceptional banqueting waiters and waitresses who do their job quickly, accurately and without fuss. Everyone notices the waiter or waitress who is overly familiar, who forgets the vegan option, or who splashes the soup around as though it’s shower gel. Almost inevitably, our waiter and waitress jobs in London are for banquets that really matter – banquets that are part of a bride’s most important day; banquets that feature VIPs or which are a central part of a company’s year. It matters that these events are seamless, and the only people who can make them seamless are Staff Heroes like you. Ready to be a banqueting Staff Hero?

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Banqueting waitress/waiter jobs in London Q&A

Yes, although it’s probably unrealistic to expect too many banquets to take place at 9.00am. This being London, however, you might well expect them to take place over weekends and weekday afternoons/evenings.

We work with venues across Greater London to supply hardworking and enthusiastic waiters and waitresses for a huge range of events. You could be at a wedding, an awards ceremony, a business function, a public event – wherever large numbers of people may gather for food and beverages in a formal setting, you could be providing the service.

Yes. In fact, the nature of banqueting means that projects tend to be ad hoc in nature, with seasonal fluctuations meaning that you are likely to cover far more weddings in spring and summer, and more business functions in autumn. That means our clients need waiters and waitresses to work flexibly, which suits our Staff Heroes perfectly because flexibility is what they value too.

In Brief

Role Requirements for our Banqueting waitress/waiter temp jobs

  • Great communication skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Great communication skills

Role Requirements for our Banqueting waitress/waiter temp jobs

  • Great communication skills
  • Great communication skills

Role Requirements for our Banqueting waitress/waiter temp jobs

  • Great communication skills

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