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Barista temporary jobs in London

Central London

£9.23 – 10.02 per hour (inc. holiday pay)
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Ready to be a barista?

The UK loves its coffee. Nationally, we drink around 19 million lattes, americanos, espressos and flat whites every week. And nowhere is our love of coffee more pronounced than in London, where last year more than 30 new coffee independents opened their doors, aiming to compete with the 56 new outlets opened by the big brands. Add in the multitude of coffees being served in bars, hotels, restaurants, in private clubs and at coffee carts across the capital, and you reach one inescapable conclusion: we’re going to need more baristas.

Pride in and passion for the job: The challenge for any barista in London is that the streets are full of people who know what serving expertly crafted coffee should look like. So the Heroes who fill our part time barista vacancies are people able to balance the requirements for a perfect brew with the the pressure of managing a long queue of expectant customers.

They don’t need to be told to warm the cups and glasses. They don’t need to be reminded that espresso extraction times and brew ratio consistency are key to consistently happy customers. And they don’t need to be told to care for the equipment at their disposal, ensuring burnt coffee oil, grounds, steam wands and the production area are cleaned regularly. They just do it naturally.

Calm under pressure: You know how busy London’s coffee bars can become, so as a barista, naturally it’s your job to remain in control, taking it all in your stride and refusing to let a long queue compromise your ability to deliver precisely the coffee your customer wants.

A fast learner: London’s coffee culture is constantly evolving, so whilst you’ll be serving the regular portfolio of beverages, you’ll also need to absorb the seasonal, the unusual, and the distinctive drinks that distinguish your particular employer and keep your customers returning for more.


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Barista jobs in London Q&A

It’s like the optimum blend of coffee beans – everything needs to combine perfectly. You’ll have the front of house skills, the conversational ability and the memory to get orders right first time. And you’ll have the sort of latte art and barista skills that impress.

Staff Heroes is perfect for people like you. We know that everyone in London has different ideas as to what constitutes the ideal shift, so we created an app that connects workers with employers offering shifts that match their preferences. Or to put it another way, your availability shouldn’t be a problem at all – try the app and see for yourself.

That depends on a number of factors, not least whether the employer has additional shifts to offer. Often, they do. Sometimes those shifts may cover a few days or weeks. Occasionally you’ll get the exciting opportunity to turn a temporary job into a full time barista position (if you want that). Inevitably, where the opportunity for more hours exists, the deciding factor will be you.

In Brief

Role Requirements for our Barista temp jobs

  • Good working knowledge of coffee and coffee machines
  • Experience with a variety of brewing techniques
  • Experience with latte art
  • Comfortable serving food
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Eligibility to work in the UK

Experience & Training

  • Experienced baristas only: you will need to have at least 6 months’ experience making speciality coffee
  • You have completed at least a basic level of Barista training

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  • Pop in to meet us – we will go over a few things including checking your documents. You may meet a few of your fellow Heroes-to-be along the way, too. Then you’ll be all set, and ready to find jobs quickly and easily.

3 Easy Steps

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