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Why find temporary hotel cleaning jobs in London with Staff Heroes?

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  • Work across some of London’s top hotels and businesses.
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From £9.23 per hour (inc hol pay)

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What makes a cleaning Hero?


Consistency: High standards can’t be a one off. It’s relatively easy to deliver exceptional cleanliness on shift one. The challenge our Staff Heroes accept is maintaining and building on their standards, so whether this is the first or 51st time you have worked with a client, the results remain impeccable.    

Hotel standards: Our cleaning operatives work across a wide variety of establishments. Yet whether you are cleaning an office, a store or a railway station concourse, you treat it with the same care you would a hotel room.  


Attention!: Our cleaning Staff Heroes spot things that others don’t. They know the things that look clean that really aren’t, and they clean the things the most people would barely notice.


Going the distance: Cleaning is hard physical work. Wherever you do it, you will need reserves of  energy to ensure that the cleaning you do at the end of the shift is as effective as the cleaning you do at the start.


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London cleaning jobs – the Q&A


Can I choose my hours?

Yes. As a cleaner in London, you should be able to find work for virtually any time of the day or night, although your availability may determine where you find most of your shifts. If you are available during the daytime, you may find more opportunity to work as a hotel cleaner or room attendant, because hotel cleaning teams can only do their jobs when guests are out of their rooms.


If you are looking for availability during evenings or nights, you are more likely to find yourself in offices, stores or public areas.


Can I pick and choose my cleaning jobs?

Yes. You don’t have to accept a job you are offered, although naturally the more shifts you work the greater the likelihood that an employer will add you to their favourites list, increasing the chances you of being asked back for more shifts.


Can you find me a full time cleaning job?

Staff Heroes is all about finding temporary and part time opportunities for people who can’t (or don’t want to) work conventional, permanent or full time hours. That’s not to say that the cleaners who find work with us don’t get invited back for repeat shifts – many of the relationships our Staff Heroes build with employers are long term, but permanent and full time is not our goal.


In Brief


Role Requirements For Cleaning Jobs in London

  • Ability to take on physically demanding work whilst maintaining excellent attention to detail
  • Tidying, cleaning, polishing, vacuuming and stripping/making beds
  • A commitment to delivering high levels of guest service and cleanliness
  • A smart and professional appearance
  • A positive attitude and good command of the English language
  • Happy to work flexibly on a variety of cleaner jobs
  • Eligibility to work in the UK


Experience & Training

  • 6 months’ experience in a cleaning service role


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  • Pop in to meet us – we will go over a few things including checking your documents. You may meet a few of your fellow Heroes-to-be along the way, too.


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The best work deserves the best rewards.

Staff Heroes rewards our Heroes with opportunities to build up a guaranteed income and rewards based on your work.

Our smart technology ensures you are matched with work based on your personality, values and performance.

"Recruiting temp staff in the hospitality industry is a massive headache for everyone, yet nothing has been done about it from a technology standpoint. Temp Staff turnover is significant creating high recruitment costs and this area is screaming for innovation. Staff Heroes have got it spot on and are on to something which is going to be big

Olly Etridge - First Restaurant Group

"The admin and wasted time from recruiting and managing temp staff is a big problem for all pubs and restaurants. Having an agency in the middle is not ideal as it causes friction and delays... and obviously there are costs involved. If Staff Heroes can provide temp staff on demand and automate the supply and management end to end then they are going to be massively successful

Bruce Newman - SA Brain and Company Ltd

"Many hospitality businesses are still turning to traditional channels such as job boards for temp staffing. This is only one step in the end to end temporary staffing solution and if Staff Heroes can automate from sourcing to payroll this will save everyone a huge amount of time, leaving us to get on with our jobs. A huge improvement for temp staffing!

Alex Davenport Jones - The Porch House