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Head Chef jobs in London

Central London

£18.31 – 19.10 per hour (inc. holiday pay)
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What makes a Head Chef a Hero?

The top London kitchens and restaurants we work with want a captain of the ship. When they have a reputation to maintain, they want a passionate head chef who will move heaven and earth to deliver the sort of standards that keep hungry customers returning for more.

Why be a Head Chef with Staff Heroes?

You choose where and when you want to work

You can be the executive chef in some of London’s top restaurants and kitchens

Finding work is easy – the Staff Heroes app matches new jobs to your skills and preferences, then sends them straight to your smartphone

You get paid fast – you should have your money soon after your shift has ended


What makes a Head Chef a Hero?


The standard-bearer: You will be expected to uphold the standards of the restaurant – and that includes the standards of hygiene and health and safety, as well as the quality of food.

The teacher: As an experienced head chef, people look up to you. It means you have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to develop those around you. It means you are always ready to offer your advice to junior members of the team and share your knowledge and experience.

The leader: You are confident and vocal, ready to step into an unfamiliar kitchen and make your ideas and standards clear to everyone. So from ovens to pass to front of house, everyone knows what is expected of them.


If all of the above sound like you, we have head chef jobs in London waiting for you right now.

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Head Chef jobs in London Q&A

You already have at least six months experience in a head or executive chef role, so you are familiar with the unsociable hours and weekend working – in fact you thrive on it. But the real advantage of finding head chef jobs with Staff Heroes is that you choose the shifts you do and the businesses you work for. So if there are days and times you prefer to avoid, you can.

Some do. You might, for example, need experience with a high street brand or with a specific type of cuisine. With so many opportunities for London head chefs, however, you should find plenty of roles that match your specialisms.

Often, the clients who fill their head chef positions with Staff Heroes start with an urgent need – to cover sickness for example. As they get to know you however, it is common for our Heroes to be booked again and again. In some restaurants, therefore, your role may be purely about maintaining the quality of the food and managing the people creating it. In time, however, and depending on the client, you may also be asked to get involved with menu development, buying, and broader restaurant management issues.

In Brief

Role Requirements for our Head Chef jobs

  • Manage all food production and presentation
  • Kitchen management: ensure the kitchen is ready for service at the required times
  • Provide high standards of presentation at all times
  • As head chef you will be responsible for ensuring adherence to statutory regulations pertaining to Health & Safety, Hygiene Standards and Environmental Health
  • Ensure the methods of preparation and presentation comply with set standards as determined by the Company food and safety manual
  • Manage the set up of the area of work in preparation for service checking
  • As head chef you would be required to provide a full culinary brief to both front and back of house
  • Ensure all colleagues, customers, guests and clients receive excellence in customer service

Experience & Training

  • 6 months experience as a Head Chef
  • Level 3 Food Safety
  • Allergen Expert Level 2
  • Basic Safety Awareness
  • COSHH Training

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  • Pop in to meet us – we will go over a few things including checking your documents. You may meet a few of your fellow Heroes-to-be along the way, too.

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