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Office Assistant temporary jobs in London

Central London

£9.23 – 10.02 per hour (inc. holiday pay)
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Why find office assistant jobs in London with Staff Heroes?

As an experienced office assistant, you’re always one step ahead. In fact, we bet you’ve downloaded the Staff Heroes app already. The office assistant jobs find you! Use the app to select your availability – then receive recommended jobs straight to your smartphone.

What makes an office assistant a Hero?

Communications clarity: So much of what a personal assistant does is about recording information and conveying it accurately. If your role is supporting a company executive it is vital that, from your diary management to your note-taking to your liaison with other parts of the business, you are able to ensure your boss’ instructions are carried out to the letter.

Anticipation: This is what really separates a temporary PA or executive assistant from a Staff Hero. It’s one thing to be able to anticipate your employer’s needs when you have been working with them for months. It’s quite another to have the memory, the inquisitive nature and the attention to detail to learn fast, and be able to anticipate at least some of their needs after only a few hours in the role.

Make their life easy: Ultimately, this is what being a personal assistant is all about. The better you do it, the more likely you will be asked to return for further shifts. It’s about fielding calls that your employer doesn’t need to take. It’s about fielding the office management issues they don’t have time to hear. And it is about always having an answer, without the need to refer to them for confirmation.

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Office Assistant jobs in London Q&A

Yes. Even if your availability falls outside the typical 9-5, don’t assume you won’t be able to find shifts. In fact, as a temporary PA, your ability to work unconventional hours could be a real benefit to your support of the CEO or MD, as their diaries may involve unconventional hours too.

Get email and contacts sorted as a first job. You’ll find yourself mailing or calling people continuously, so log everything and arrange folders so that you can find details fast.

Organisation is, of course, essential for a PA. That is effectively the job – organising your employer’s working day so they can make most efficient use of their time. But organisational skills without interpersonal skills won’t get you very far, because you need to be able to empathise with your boss and the people around you; you need to be able to engage in small talk with visitors and clients when the occasion requires; and you need to have the sort of active-listening skills that enable you to remember tiny details.

In Brief

Role Requirements for our Office Assistant temp jobs

  • To answer calls, take messages, handle correspondence and manage databases
  • To maintain diaries, arrange appointments
  • Strong typing skills and to prepare and collate reports for filing
  • To organise and service meetings (producing agendas and taking minutes)
  • To prioritise workloads
  • To manage receptions and meet and greet clients

Experience & Training

  • At least 6 months’ previous experience in an admin role
  • Standard software packages, e.g. Microsoft Office, and/or bespoke software

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