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  • Real flexibility over your hours – you choose when you work.
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  • The secretary jobs in London find you! The app matches your skills and availability with employers’ requirements, then employers notify you of available shifts via the app.


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What makes a secretary a Hero?


Adaptable: You are an experienced secretary, so you know the nuts and bolts of the job. But as you are about to discover, when you do temporary work across a number of businesses, everyone’s definition of the secretarial role is every so slightly different. In some businesses you may be a secretarial PA, working directly to an executive. In others you might be offering some general administrative support and in yet more you may be manning reception. Our point is this: temporary secretaries in London cover a lot of ground, and our Staff Heroes face every role with the same calm assurance as if they were a full time member of staff.


Seriously organised (especially in the handover): It’s not simply that you could be faced with a dozen duties during the course of the day and you know intuitively which needs to take priority. It’s not that you need to be an octopus to have enough arms to answer phones, file notes, add information to databases and take minutes. Where your organisation really sets you apart is in what happens at the end of the day. Chances are that as a part time assistant or secretary, someone else will be taking over from you tomorrow. If they can do so seamlessly, you know you’ll have done a great job.  


Unquestionable integrity: Many London secretaries are privy to high level information and confidentiality is an absolute must. Most business leaders build strong relationships with their executive assistants over time, but as a temporary secretary joining the company for the first time, that trust and reliability must be immediately apparent.


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Secretary jobs in London – the Q&A


Can I choose my hours?

Yes. As you might expect, most of our clients operate standard office hours and require secretaries who can do likewise. However, some of our clients operate more flexibly, so whatever your availability (within reason) you should be able to find secretary jobs in London to match.


What sort of opportunities will I receive?

That depends on a few variables: the current needs of our clients, your skills and experience and your availability. If you have experience as a legal secretary or medical secretary, for example, it’s vital that your app profile shows it (assuming that is the sort of work you’re looking for) so that we can match you more accurately with clients searching for your skills.


Is this likely to become a full time secretarial job?

Not likely, no. It is possible – there are occasions where team assistants and secretaries who started in a temporary capacity have impressed a client so much that they have been invited to perform a role on a more permanent basis, but our goal is matching Heroes with unconventional or limited availability with great companies, and that’s where our focus is staying.


In Brief


Role Requirements For Secretaries in London

  • Great communication skills and customer service standards, so you can answer calls, take messages, handle correspondence, manage receptions and meet and greet clients
  • Well organised, enabling you to maintain diaries, arrange appointments and manage databases
  • Strong typing skills
  • Ability to prepare and collate reports for filing
  • Organising and servicing meetings (producing agendas and taking minutes)
  • A good prioritiser of workloads
  • Strong command of the English language, verbal and written
  • Eligible to work in the UK


Experience & Training

  • At least 6 months’ experience as a secretary, personal assistant or similar


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  • Complete your profile in as much detail as you can. The more you enter now, the more chances you will have to find the right roles, on the right days, at the right rate.
  • Pop in to meet us – we will go over a few things including checking your documents. You may meet a few of your fellow Heroes-to-be along the way, too.


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"Recruiting temp staff in the hospitality industry is a massive headache for everyone, yet nothing has been done about it from a technology standpoint. Temp Staff turnover is significant creating high recruitment costs and this area is screaming for innovation. Staff Heroes have got it spot on and are on to something which is going to be big

Olly Etridge - First Restaurant Group

"The admin and wasted time from recruiting and managing temp staff is a big problem for all pubs and restaurants. Having an agency in the middle is not ideal as it causes friction and delays... and obviously there are costs involved. If Staff Heroes can provide temp staff on demand and automate the supply and management end to end then they are going to be massively successful

Bruce Newman - SA Brain and Company Ltd

"Many hospitality businesses are still turning to traditional channels such as job boards for temp staffing. This is only one step in the end to end temporary staffing solution and if Staff Heroes can automate from sourcing to payroll this will save everyone a huge amount of time, leaving us to get on with our jobs. A huge improvement for temp staffing!

Alex Davenport Jones - The Porch House