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  • The events jobs find you! With many of Europe’s leading independent events teams finding temporary events staff in London with us, finding your next gig is easy.


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What makes an event steward a Hero?


Firm but fair: As an experienced events steward, you know that the key to security and crowd management is not to brutally order and command, but to ensure that what you need to happen happens in a fair but calm way. At most of the events for which we provide staff, you may be one of the few people visitors will meet who occupy any form of official position – so it’s important you give them a good impression of the venue and the event.  


Know the answers: Where’s the merch stall? Where’s the nearest toilet? Can you bring drinks into the event? Do you need to search my bag? I need to leave but I’m coming back – is that ok? As an events steward, you’ll play a pivotal role in delivering the organisation’s standards of customer service.


That means knowing the answers to all the questions your customers are likely to ask. Front of house, you are effectively ‘it’ and if every question needs referring you’re unlikely to be asked back for that all important second shift.


Always switched on: Whether your role is primarily about event security and crowd safety or more of a customer care steward, staying alert and on your toes is vital. Specifics vary from event to event and from post to post, but generally you will be expected to remain continually watchful, ensuring walkways and exit routes remain clear and unblocked, that no single area is becoming overcrowded, that there are no obvious threats to guest safety, and that first aid is always easily accessible.


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Event staff jobs in London – the Q&A


Can I choose my hours?

Yes, and one of the beauties of working in London is that there’s always an event taking place, so there’s a far greater chance of one coinciding with your availability. You tell the app the days and times you are available to work and employers looking for your skills and experience will send you an invite as events arise.


What sort of events will I be covering?

It really could be anything, from exhibitions and business conferences to festivals and concerts. If there’s a specific sort of event or role for which you are particularly suited, make sure it’s included on your profile.


When will I get paid?

That’s another of the advantages of choosing your part time and temporary work with Staff Heroes. Usually you will be paid shortly after your stewarding shift ends, so there’s no waiting for your money, no awkward conversations to be had with employers, and no need to carry cash on you, because the money will be paid straight into your account.


In Brief


Role Requirements For Event Steward Jobs in London

  • The ability to quickly learn and adapt to varied work environments
  • Attentive and committed to delivering the highest levels of crowd management services and guest service provision
  • A smart, professional and friendly appearance with a keen eye for detail
  • A positive attitude and good command of the English language
  • Knowledge of health and safety procedures
  • Eligibility to work in the UK


Experience & Training

  • Must have relevant stewarding certification


Get started with Staff Heroes

  • Download the app and sign up.
  • Complete your profile in as much detail as you can. The more you enter now, the more chances you will have to find the right roles, on the right days, at the right rate.
  • Pop in to meet us – we will go over a few things including checking your documents. You may meet a few of your fellow Heroes-to-be along the way, too.


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"Recruiting temp staff in the hospitality industry is a massive headache for everyone, yet nothing has been done about it from a technology standpoint. Temp Staff turnover is significant creating high recruitment costs and this area is screaming for innovation. Staff Heroes have got it spot on and are on to something which is going to be big

Olly Etridge - First Restaurant Group

"The admin and wasted time from recruiting and managing temp staff is a big problem for all pubs and restaurants. Having an agency in the middle is not ideal as it causes friction and delays... and obviously there are costs involved. If Staff Heroes can provide temp staff on demand and automate the supply and management end to end then they are going to be massively successful

Bruce Newman - SA Brain and Company Ltd

"Many hospitality businesses are still turning to traditional channels such as job boards for temp staffing. This is only one step in the end to end temporary staffing solution and if Staff Heroes can automate from sourcing to payroll this will save everyone a huge amount of time, leaving us to get on with our jobs. A huge improvement for temp staffing!

Alex Davenport Jones - The Porch House