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Staff Heroes matches businesses and our Heroes to the perfect role, effortlessly.


Our unique, fully automated flexible staffing platform combines cutting edge technology & industry expertise to flawlessly fill your shifts.


Never seen before accuracy and guaranteed fulfilment, every time.


Create and manage your shifts in minutes, perfectly with our smart technology. Receive tailored support from your account manager as you need, from ad hoc questions to bespoke bookings, whatever you need, our team has the answers.


Your temp staffing agency operates based on a really rather large black book of temporary staff, to pull from whenever you pick up the phone and need some help.

While there’s security in speaking to a human when you book, the staff that are booked to attend a shift are subject to interpretation, including their own personal relationship with the agency and will likely be working across a number of agencies in order to fulfill their personal career and income goals.

Staff Heroes are turning the traditional booking process on its head.

Our Hero community are evaluated on their values as well as their skills and experience when they join us, and are automatically matched with your business based on a complex algorithm. We do all of the hard work upfront behind the scenes, so when you come to book with us you see exactly who is available for your business, to book right away.

By putting our technology upfront in the booking process, we’ve freed up our account managers’ time to deliver added value to you. Challenge our account management team to create the perfect solution for your business.


General Manager, International Hotel Chain, Mayfair

In busy periods, to lend our administrative team some additional support we use Staff Heroes to add some extra resource. We very much use Staff Heroes as part of our resourcing strategy, and with their technology we can be specific with our requirements, to find members that are trained on systems like ours.


COO, Contract Catering firm, multiple sites across London

We manage multiple sites across London and often experience challenges in ensuring each site is staffed optimally. Staff Heroes help us manage our staffing across all of our sites and we can keep an eye on the total costs at a company-wide level, rather than juggle many agencies across many sites all with differing cost levels. We have visibility on booking the same Heroes again and again but can send them to different sites with confidence.


Select a role
Start your booking by selecting from our pre-populated roles pre-loaded into the platform, customise or create your own from scratch.


Add your shifts & view available Heroes
Populate the dates and times for your shift(s) and you will be able to see real-time availability of Heroes as you add your shifts.


Add your instructions and book
Any special instructions of where to meet before the shift starts? Pop this in, review  your booking details and confirm.

Easy as that.

How to Use Staff Heroes

Create a job

Whether you’re looking to recruit 100 staff for an event or fill a last-minute slot, we can offer staff in an hour!

We match

We vet all workers’ experience and skill sets so you don’t have to! Just let our technology do the work for the best matching Heroes

We manage

Sit back and relax knowing we’ll deliver the best quality heroes and exceptional service from our dedicated AM team

Rate & relax

After the job, you can rate your Heroes performance, adjust hours on the platform and we’ll handle the payroll for you!

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What are the benefits of using Staff Heroes?

The Best Vetted & Paid Staff

Our workers are fully vetted and trained before they receive any shifts

GPS Tracking

The latest tracking technology via the app boosts worker punctuality to 98%

Go Paperless

Digital timesheets cut the time and boost the accuracy of post-job admin

Your Last-Minute Saviour

Create jobs 24/7 via our desktop and mobile app and you’ll get staff confirmed in minutes!

Automated Backup System

Automatically dispatches a secondary worker in the rare event of a late withdrawal

Select your favourites

Unlike agencies, you can build up pools of trusted and rated staff to call on

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