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The best staff for your hotel, on-demand.

Book a specific role or a selection of roles for whatever your hotel needs.


When your hotel in London needs a little (or a lot of) temporary help, our Heroes are ready.

We call our Heroes Heroes, because that’s what they are to us. Each is among the best in their business, and each has passed our rigorous checks to ensure they can deliver the level of service your business needs.


What makes our Heroes different to temp agency staff?


Because temporary is what they love

The world of work is changing. Not everyone wants full time and permanent. Some brilliantly experienced staff have lives that are simply incompatible with conventional hours or regular shifts. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to work; they simply want a job that enables them to fit in the studying, caring, health, family or other commitments they have. The Staff Heroes solution has been designed with this in mind, allowing your business and our Heroes to connect flexibly.


Temporary (but still exceptional)

There are thousands of Staff Heroes across London who have all the skills and experience you might expect in a full time, permanent member of your hotel staff – they simply choose (or have no option but) to work in an unconventional way. By choosing Staff Heroes rather than a traditional temping agency, you access people with the skills you need, who are delighted to work the hours you offer – no matter how ‘unsociable’ they are.  


Every role covered

Right now, our Staff Heroes are covering jobs in hotels across London. They are working at the reception desks, behind the bar, in the restaurant and in the rooms of big brand hotels, small boutiques and exclusive, luxury establishments. So whatever the role and whatever your hotel, find your next hotel staff member with us.


Choose your hero



Warm with their welcome. Perpetually organised. And with the uncanny ability to manage multiple tasks whilst remaining entirely calm. It’s what you expect from your own hotel reception staff. It’s what you can expect from ours.



Professional and reliable housekeeping staff, matched and vetted to your businesses requirements and ready to deliver your standards of service. Hire a cleaner or housekeeper with us now.



They are your hotel’s first contact with guests as they arrive, and their last connection as they depart – which is why our experienced doormen create the perfect first and last impression for your business.



No hotel restaurant perpetually staffs its business to cope with peak demand. So when Christmas, weddings, conferences and other events require you to double your waiting staff overnight, find and hire experienced staff with us.



From the bar back who keeps the hotel bar running smoothly to the expert bartender who knows how to craft every cocktail in the book, hire the perfect additional team members for your business at Staff Heroes.



Our hotel porters know that when they do their job well, they are virtually invisible. So hire the experienced hotel porters who know how to help make your guests’ stays a simple joy, and stay in the background.


How do hotels like yours use Staff Heroes?

“In busy periods, to lend our administrative team some additional support we use Staff Heroes to add some extra resource. We very much use Staff Heroes as part of our resourcing strategy, and with their technology we can be specific with our requirements, to find members that are trained on systems like ours.”

General Manager, International Hotel Chain, Mayfair


Book in 3 simple steps with Staff Heroes


Select the role

Choose one of our pre-populated roles for extra speed and convenience (you should find a wide range of typical jobs in hotels already on the app). Alternatively, customise them, or create your own from scratch and add any key skills and experience you require.


Add your shifts & view available Heroes

Select the dates and times for your shift(s) to explore the real-time availability of Heroes as you add your shifts.


Add your instructions and book

Need to add specific details for your worker (such as where to meet, what to wear or what to bring)? Add your instructions, review your booking details and confirm.

Easy as that.

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Highly Curated Heroes

Rigorously vetted and perfectly matched with your business on values, expertise and industry standards.

Guaranteed Fulfilment

Real-time visibility on supply, smart technology to match staff to your requirements with pinpoint accuracy.

Part of your Team

We will match you with Heroes that will work with you flexibly, time and again. Our Heroes can become an extension of your team without the additional overheads.


Staff Heroes Temp Staff App

Staff Heroes’ fully automated flexible staffing incorporates cutting edge technology to effortlessly fill your shifts, with never seen before accuracy and guaranteed fulfilment, every time.

“But isn’t it just easier to stick with my current temp agency?” we hear you cry.

Find out how we are different.

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"Recruiting temp staff in the hospitality industry is a massive headache for everyone, yet nothing has been done about it from a technology standpoint. Temp Staff turnover is significant creating high recruitment costs and this area is screaming for innovation. Staff Heroes have got it spot on and are on to something which is going to be big

Olly Etridge - First Restaurant Group

"The admin and wasted time from recruiting and managing temp staff is a big problem for all pubs and restaurants. Having an agency in the middle is not ideal as it causes friction and delays... and obviously there are costs involved. If Staff Heroes can provide temp staff on demand and automate the supply and management end to end then they are going to be massively successful

Bruce Newman - SA Brain and Company Ltd

"Many hospitality businesses are still turning to traditional channels such as job boards for temp staffing. This is only one step in the end to end temporary staffing solution and if Staff Heroes can automate from sourcing to payroll this will save everyone a huge amount of time, leaving us to get on with our jobs. A huge improvement for temp staffing!

Alex Davenport Jones - The Porch House