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You’ll notice a big difference in the people you recruit when you choose promotional staff who are doing the job because the hours and conditions suit them perfectly. That’s the beauty of Staff Heroes. Because our people choose their shifts and their projects, you get enthusiastic, eager sampling staff, corporate events team members and exhibition staff.


Always on

It’s great to be able to plan, but sometimes things happen at the last minute and leave you scrambling to catch up. So when the unexpected leaves you short of people to deliver your guerilla campaign or front your event, we’ve got the staffing solution – with a whole bunch of Heroes in your pocket who can be ready at the touch of a button.


Every temporary worker, all in one place

You’ll find more than event staff and brand ambassadors at the Staff Heroes promotional agency. You’ll find the campaign and event managers who know how to organise and lead them too.


In-Store Demonstrator
We believe it’s not enough to simply demonstrate. That’s why our Heroes engage (whilst sticking closely to the brief you set), showcasing your products across department stores and supermarkets, small independent businesses and global brands.

Brand Ambassador
It takes rich brand experience to be a great brand ambassador. That’s why all our people have plenty of experience in promoting your brand to the right audience, in creating a great first impression, and in generating sales.

Street Teams
There’s a knack to being a street team member. Too ‘full on’ and you scare potential customers away. Too meek and you never get the chance to engage. That’s why our promotional staff in London have just the right mix of enthusiasm and experience, so whether you want them to generate footfall or leads, they will.

Promotional Staff
Hire promotional staff in London to promote your brand or product and give your carefully conceived events, mobile tours or guerrilla marketing the great promotional reps they need to succeed.

Product Sampling
Enthusiasm, warmth and the ability to sell as well as offer samples. Make your new products, services or brand stand out with product samplers who can help turn increased consumer awareness into ringing tills.

Promotional Models
Find professional promotional models to promote your product, brand or service, increasing customer awareness and boosting product sales with product samples, brochures or free promotional items.


Select a role

Short of time? Choose from our pre-populated roles pre-loaded into the platform, or customise them or or create your own from scratch.

Add your shifts & view available Heroes

Populate the dates and times for your shift(s) and you will be able to see real-time availability of Heroes as you add your shifts.

Add your instructions and book

Any special instructions of where to meet before the shift starts? Pop this in, review

your booking details and confirm.

Easy as that.

How to Use Staff Heroes

Create a job

Whether you’re looking to recruit 100 staff for an event or fill a last-minute slot, we can offer staff in an hour!

We match

We vet all workers’ experience and skill sets so you don’t have to! Just let our technology do the work for the best matching Heroes

We manage

Sit back and relax knowing we’ll deliver the best quality heroes and exceptional service from our dedicated AM team

Rate & relax

After the job, you can rate your Heroes performance, adjust hours on the platform and we’ll handle the payroll for you!

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What are the benefits of using Staff Heroes?

The Best Vetted & Paid Staff

Our workers are fully vetted and trained before they receive any shifts

GPS Tracking

The latest tracking technology via the app boosts worker punctuality to 98%

Go Paperless

Digital timesheets cut the time and boost the accuracy of post-job admin

Your Last-Minute Saviour

Create jobs 24/7 via our desktop and mobile app and you’ll get staff confirmed in minutes!

Automated Backup System

Automatically dispatches a secondary worker in the rare event of a late withdrawal

Select your favourites

Unlike agencies, you can build up pools of trusted and rated staff to call on

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