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Trick or treat – Scared who you’ll get this Halloween when booking temporary staff?

Halloween temp staff agency

Witching hour is upon us, maybe you should hire a Hero?

At Staff Heroes we don’t play tricks, we just give treats! This Halloween we are giving you the chance to hire some of London’s best talent, to deliver world class service at your upcoming events.

We offer you full transparency and free access to our extensive and diverse portfolio of experienced Heroes. You can hire your favourites on an individual or recurring basis, the choice is all yours!

With Staff Heroes, we ensure you always have the right people based on their work skills, work experience and references – we vet, we interview, we take care of payroll and admin so you can sit back and relax!

It’s coming to the end of our first year and we have signed some fantastic deals, together with an influx of brand new talent. Despite these cold, dark months things are still looking bright for Staff Heroes!

Sign in, take a sneak peek and pick your favourites!