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Hero of the Month

We want to give a massive congratulations to our superstar Hero of the Month.  Canada native Troy has been on our platform for over a year, and his hard-work is being rewarded with a Hero of the Month award and a £25 gift voucher from Amazon. Well done Troy and keep up the good work!

Our Hero of the Month feature profiles a hero on our platform that has worked especially hard or who has maintained an exceedingly high level of performance in their roles.

Name: Troy

Hometown: Mississauga, Canada

Joined Staff Heroes: 29/09/2016

Length of time in London: 2 years

First job: “Hmmm… that was a while ago now. I think my first job was working with a company called Talkington Bates. If I remember rightly it was as a member of a team of catering staff, but the one place that I would say is my favourite is Wembley Stadium. I just finished a shift there today.”

Favourite thing about Staff Heroes: “I think the favourite thing about the platform, I would say is the professionalism. When speaking with you guys on the phone, I think you’re always all very professional.”

Dream job: “Ha, that’s a tough one. As I continue in my career I want to keep getting experience at different venues and places through Staff Heroes. My dream job would probably be to one day have my own restaurant. Yea, so my dream job is to open and run my own place.”

And finally… favourite film: That’s another tricky one. You really put me on the spot! Umm… Terminator 2

Thanks for the chat Troy. Keep doing what you’re doing,

Staff Heroes Team.