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June – Hero of the Month

23rd July 2018

“Of course the flexibility is good, but since leaving the corporate world and having more control over when I work, I am much happier.”

Our star from Milan shone brightest throughout the month of June. Eva has only been with Staff Heroes since the beginning of May, but she has truly left her mark in the past two months.

A former manager of Franco Manca’s original restaurant in Brixton Market, Eva undoubtedly knows a thing or two about achieving success in the restaurant trade.

The London resident of 4 years has embodied everything that we value at Staff Heroes since joining and deservedly takes our Hero of the Month award for June. As always, we caught up with our Hero of the Month to check in with her and see what exciting things she had been doing this summer.


Hello Eva, great to see you. How is everything?

Everything is good. Obviously I’ve been pretty busy over the past couple of months but I had a very nice holiday at the end of April back in Italy! Apart from that, just enjoying the sun here.


You and me both! So, you haven’t been with us too long. What brought you to our platform?

Well as you know I had been working at Franco Manca’s for a while, and before that I was a partner at a steamed food restaurant I opened when I first came to London, but I really needed a change. Staff Heroes has been great as I work part-time in a management role for an independent Italian restaurant, but I find most of my shifts through the platform!


Great! Sounds like you’re enjoying it. Have you been happy with the businesses you’ve worked at so far?

I really am. Of course the flexibility is good, but since leaving the corporate world and having more control over when I work, I am much happier. It’s nice knowing when you leave your shift, you’re done.


Definitely. Working at 4 Seasons Trinity Square is really good. They’re very organized and you’re always in a busy environment. That’s my style – and they have lovely events there. But also working at Westminster College for the end of year party was exciting, there was a performance and it was a sparkling environment!


Is there anything, in particular, you like to do outside of working hours?

Well, I was a swimmer until I was 18. I can’t do it too much here in London, ha but I still love it. Also, gardening, being in nature, and I enjoy a good book too.


Oh yea? Any favourites?

I like Russian books. The Master & Margarita and Dostoyevsky’s Crime & Punishment are my favorites and tell very important life lessons.


Hmm great novels! So do you have any plans for the future, a dream job or something else?

Not really, I would prefer a dream house in a dream location… where I can do my gardening, ha! I think that’s more important. Oh and I’m walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain later this year. So I have a few things lined up!