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Staff Heroes Leadership Values

We use our Leadership Values every day, whether we're discussing the best approach to solving a problem or deciding on ideas for new projects. It is just one of the things that makes Staff Heroes special.


Great People make great Companies

The Hero name doesn’t just apply to the people we place in clients’ businesses. We are open, honest, passionate and committed to our roles, and the bigger picture to drive the company forward. We encourage learning from our successes and failures, as a collective and as individuals.


Invent and simplify

We are driven by finding solutions to the challenges we face, keeping things simple and not reinventing the wheel. We don’t get caught up in what our competitors are doing, we have broad horizons and don’t get stuck in the details.


Go beyond teams

We are people people, no matter what your job title is. Chances are your personal experiences will help someone else out, even if you are not sure to begin with. Better relationships mean more open and honest communication, plus it’s good to know the people you sit next to!


Customer obsession

In everything we do we put our customer at the forefront and work backwards, doing everything to make their lives better. Whether new, existing or past, any interaction we have is an opportunity to learn and question our technology, process and communication.


Think like an owner

Each Staff Heroes team member is an owner, and so make and take decisions seriously and think about the impact on the wider team as a result. We consider the short and long term when making decisions and collaborate to welcome challenges to our ways of thinking.


Action oriented

We are focused on the outcome, not the to do list. We don’t get caught in the what ifs. We understand it is ok to make mistakes as long as we are learning from them and react quickly to resolve them. Iteration is better than waiting for perfection.


Information drives us

We inform our business decisions with the best mix of data and available information. Assumptions and ideas can be openly challenged, even if it is not always the fastest route to execution. Once the best approach is rooted out, the full team will be committed to seeing this through to fruition.