Training for

Licensing and Social Responsibility

Staff Heroes Training Programme

At Staff Heroes we're very proud to announce our training programmes. Together, with our partners, we have created a comprehensive training programme in order to develop our workforce and improve one's overall skills and experience within the hospitality industry.

Using the latest technology, Staff Heroes delivers a continuously evolving learning and development solution tailored to the hospitality and tourism sector, providing accredited, certificated training for the hospitality industry.

Our training courses will have significant impact on productivity by developing and motivating our Hero workforce.

The courses are designed to inspire learning through our comprehensive portfolio of innovative and engaging online modules.

Licensing and Social Responsibility Training

Upon completion of our Licensing modules, you will:

  • Know your responsibility with regard to licensing legislation
  • Know your responsibility when dealing with young people and alcohol
  • Be aware of the physical signs of drug and alcohol abuse and how to deal with it
  • Be able to identify the different types of drugs and their effects
  • Be able to identify the signs of conflict and how to deal with it effectively

Our Licensing modules cover both England & Wales and Scottish legislation.