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Transform Yourself Into A Top Waiter!

Waiting tables is a role almost everybody has done at some point in their life. Some people see it as a way to pick up extra cash on the side, but truly being a good waiter is something that takes years of practice. Here we discuss the top skills employers look for in this role.

Punctuality – being on time is an obvious one, but it cannot be understated. Your arrival is the first impression any employer will have of you, and lateness is one of the worst first impressions you can make. Arriving late can be seen as a sign that you don’t care about your job and is not taken lightly.

Smile – As far as customer’s expectations go, a happy, smiley person is the bare minimum. Your job is primarily to make sure the guest has a positive experience in the restaurant. Beyond that you are an important cog in making service run efficiently, but never neglect cheer-leading duties!

Know the menu – The last thing a customer wants to hear when they order a dish is “I’m not sure” or “I don’t how that’s served.” You are responsible for knowing the food and how it is served. Before every shift you should check with your seniors or chef if you are not sure of anything. This will make your life a lot easier and your customers will come away with a positive experience.

Speed – Although rushing is bad, in busy restaurants it is very important to be fast or service can suffer. If you are wondering around the restaurant like you’re in the local park, there is a big problem. If the person you are shadowing is moving a lot faster than you, there is likely an issue

Get your hands dirty – At any establishment and in any role, there are jobs that nobody likes doing. As the newbie to the restaurant often you will be responsible for these jobs. Polishing cutlery, preparing linen, cleaning duties, and restocking napkins may be duties you are responsible for. It is important to take care with these roles and execute them well to leave a good impression.

Up sell – Being able to sell dishes, additional sides, and deserts to customers is a skill your management will want you to have. At times there will be a reason to push a certain option, and being persuasive without being forceful will help you do this.

Check food before serving – The best know duty of a waiter is delivering food to the customer’s table. It is a given that you know what you are serving, but you should also be able to recognise whether the dish is correct. Is there an item missing? Is the plate presentable? Is the dish cooked properly? These are questions the best waiters can answer with ease.