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Catering Staff temporary jobs in London

Central London

£9.23 – 10.02 per hour (inc. holiday pay)
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Why find catering jobs in London with Staff Heroes?

It’s a broad field, catering. You could be part of the event management team, the kitchen brigade or front of house. You could be the waiter/waitress, the kitchen assistant, the chef de partie, or any one of a dozen more roles. But when you apply for catering assistant positions with us, and irrespective of the specific role, there are some things that will always distinguish you as a Staff Hero.

What makes a catering Hero?

Treat temporary like it’s permanent: We’ve all seen the temporary catering team member who is happy to stay in the background, do a solid day’s work, and then disappear. Our Staff Heroes give a little (and often a lot) more than that. Because they choose the shifts that suit them, it’s easy to approach each new role with passion and energy – which also increases the likelihood of being offered more shifts.

Relish the experience: We don’t simply mean enjoy the jobs you do with us – although we certainly hope you do. We mean absorb the experience you’ll gain from working across a variety of catering establishments and kitchen teams. It can be invaluable experience if you are planning to make your career in catering.

‘Ah’, you might say, ‘that’s all very well if I want a permanent career in catering, but this experience is hardly going to benefit me when I qualify as a barrister/economist/surgeon.’ And yet, delivering exceptional customer service, problem solving, building confidence, working with a broad cross-section of the community and delivering projects on time and on budget – they are all transferable skills that can be essential in virtually all careers.

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Catering Staff jobs in London Q&A

Yes. When a Staff Hero uses our app, the search technology enables them to find a catering job to suit virtually any preferred work pattern. Work as many hours a week you want!

The chances are good, although that does vary from employer to employer. Some of our clients need a temporary worker to cover, for example, a brief period of sick absence or a vacation, so the chances of such a job turning into something more regular may be slim. Other jobs may turn into a repeat commission for the right candidate, and yet more employers may begin with a preference for a part time temporary worker but be open to more.

The money you earn from each shift is paid directly into the bank account you save in the app and usually your payment arrives shortly after your shift is over. For our Heroes, that can make a big difference, because it means you don’t have to wait for payment, you don’t have to harangue and hassle your employer for your money, and it means you are not exposed to the risk of carrying large amounts of cash home from your shift.

In Brief

Role Requirements for our Catering Staff temp jobs

  • Good at working a part of team
  • Quick, reliable and diligent attitude
  • Proactive in setting up, preparing and clearing away food and drink
  • Good communication skills – and the ability to correctly take down an order or memorise a drinks request – so customers get the meals and refreshments they expect, every time.
  • Well-presented, with a friendly attitude to workers and customers
  • Eligibility to work in the UK

Experience and Training

  • 6 months’ experience in a catering role
  • Prior experience working in a high pressure environment preferred

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  • Pop in to meet us – we will go over a few things including checking your documents. You may meet a few of your fellow Heroes-to-be along the way, too. Then you’ll be all set, and ready to find jobs quickly and easily.

3 Easy Steps

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