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In Store Demonstrator temporary jobs in London

Central London

£9.23 – 10.02 per hour (inc. holiday pay)
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Why find in-store demonstrator jobs in London with Staff Heroes?

Our clients want demonstrators who know what a great brand experience looks like. If that’s you, your job search is over. The demonstrator jobs find you! You set up your profile and availability, then event organisers contact you with your next shift.

What makes promotional staff Heroes?

Park the passive: We’ve always felt ‘demonstration’ isn’t quite the right term for this job. It’s too inert; too passive. As an in-store demonstrator, you’re not simply demonstrating a product – you are showcasing it and being a brand ambassador for it. Most importantly, you are selling it, and the clients who choose in-store demonstrators with us know that with our Staff Heroes representing the brand, they will see an upturn in business at the till.

Be a people person: Ever spoken to an in-store demonstrator whose smile never reached the eyes? Us too. You can’t fake sincerity, heart and a genuine interest in people. That’s why our promotional and sampling Staff Heroes relish the role (and act like it).

Self starter: Some demonstration jobs are team-based, but many are solo jobs, so you may have the responsibility of setting up your space, prepping the product, handling enquiries, monitoring stock (if you are selling the product you are demonstrating), keeping your patch clean and tidy  and delivering great customer service, without anyone else on hand. For our Staff Heroes, that’s never a problem.

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In Store Demonstrator jobs in London Q&A

Yes. Naturally, your shifts will be limited to standard opening hours if you are a retail store demonstrator, but because our clients come from a broader pool, you may well be able to find shifts as event or exhibition staff in London if you have more unconventional availability.

We may call the role ‘in-store demonstrator’ but in reality you could be in a retail store, in shopping centres, supermarkets, at corporate events or be part of a team of guerilla product demonstrators at large in London.

It will insofar as most of the opportunities that come our way are one offs, so the requirement for promotional or event staff with any individual client campaign is likely to exist only as long as the event or campaign does. One of the great things about Staff Heroes, however, is that there is always another event, campaign or promotion around the corner. So whilst the brand, the client and the location may change, you could find yourself building a regular supply of demonstrator jobs.

In Brief

Role Requirements for our In Store Demonstrator temp jobs

  • The ability to quickly adapt to and learn about different products or services
  • To ensure the prompt and efficient meet and greet of customers
  • To be attentive and committed to delivering high levels of service and product promotion
  • To be confident, smart, friendly and approachable
  • A positive attitude and good command of the English language, written and verbal
  • Ability to identify and generate interest in a product or service
  • Ability to set up and maintain a promotional area and product/service

Experience & Training

  • 6 months’ experience as an in-store demonstrator

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