Staff Heroes News

July – Hero of the Month

16th August 2018

“At pretty short notice I needed to find some additional work to support myself whilst I was away from Uni. In fact, I clicked a Facebook ad, and I was working 5 days later.”

Our latest Hero of the Month has probably been the busiest man in London in the past month. After working shifts through the Staff Heroes platform in the day, William heads over to the Southwark Playhouse theatre in the evening where he performs in a production of Goodnight Mr. Tom until 11:00 pm.

Not forgetting to mention that William is also poised to begin his 2nd year at Goldsmith’s University where he’s studying for a BSc in Creative Computing, I was, frankly, surprised that he was able to spare half an hour of his time for a catch-up last week.

We met William for a cappuccino at The Ritzy in Brixton to thank him for all of his hard work throughout July and to award him with his £25 Amazon voucher.


Hey William, you’ve been with us a little while now. How is everything?

Yes, very hectic, but amazing! I’m not working today but lately I’ve been working and acting from 06:00 until 23:00 most days… I’m not complaining though!


Good to hear you’re enjoying things! So what brought you to the platform?

Well, I was supposed to be going to France for the summer, but my plans changed when I was cast for a role as Stelson in Goodnight Mr. Tom at the Picturehouse in Southwark. So at pretty short notice I needed to find some additional work to support myself whilst I was away from Uni. In fact, I clicked a Facebook ad for you guys the week after I knew, and I was working 5 days later.


That worked perfectly then. So how have you found Staff Heroes? Where have you been working?

I’ve worked at a couple of places but my first shift was at the 4 Seasons hotel, so I’ve been there predominantly. They have my availability, and there is always work for me, mainly as a waiter but I’ve worked as room service, at the bar, a few different roles to be honest.


Any particularly interesting shifts?

Umm well doing all these different roles is quite interesting – and new. I got to meet Arsenal striker Alexander Lacazette once. But there was actually a shift in a hotel’s restaurant where I served the Prince of Nigeria, now that was surreal. It was basically him, a few guests and then almost 10 security guards. But they were all really nice and easy to deal with.


Woah! Sounds intimidating.

Yea, well I’m just from a small town in the Midlands, so I was much more used to serving Dave and Alan a couple of pints of ale and a roast dinner!


Ha! Oh, which town are you from?

I’m from a small town called Melton Mowbray – home of the pork pie for anyone who’s interested… stilton cheese too


Mmm, that truly is a claim to fame! So, as a small-town boy, I’m sure you have big dreams now you’re in London?

Well, I love my acting, so working for the Royal Shakespeare Company or at the National Theatre would be the pinnacle. But at the same time, I realise not everybody is that fortunate, so I’m also going to finish my degree in creative computing. I have an idea to create a platform which enables young and less privileged people to invest, but that’s still very much in its infancy too – that would be something else I would love to do.


Well keep up the current work rate William and I’m sure you’ll do very well. I won’t keep you too long but here’s your Amazon voucher, and thanks for everything!