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Meet the Team – Onboarding and Community

22nd August 2018

At Staff Heroes, we constantly aim to attract the most talented Heroes for every position and ensure they are satisfied and reaching their potential through the platform. As a company, we are continually looking to achieve this and improve, because we know that happy, motivated Heroes enjoy their jobs and excel in what they do.


Our Onboarding and Community department, lead by Jacob Khokhlov, is tasked with constantly finding ways we can improve this. Jacob was recently appointed department head and has been hard at work devising myriad ways in which we can hire the right workers and keep them delighted, to ensure that Staff Heroes is the #1 platform for worker satisfaction.


With over thirteen years of experience in digital start-ups, Jacob brings a wealth of knowledge in building complex systems and ensuring customer success.


Jacob Khokhlov

Job Title: Head of Community


Jacob started as an Art Historian and Egyptologist, studying at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and completing his double BA studies in record short time; The University of Manchester and going on to write his DPhil at The Queen’s College, Oxford. His working career started in the world-famous cataloging department of Chinese Works of Art at Sotheby’s in New Bond Street. “A wonderfully peculiar place, where I was handling everything from clumsily made modern fakes to £15+ million ceramics”. Jacob discovered his love for start-ups after joining Trace as the Head of Art Services. An early image recognition start-up, it identified stolen and looted art and valuables traded on the market and flagged them for the relevant police forces. “I am most proud of our success story with the FBI – we fully digitised their Stolen Article repository and gave all the US Police Forces a real time access to reporting and sharing material crime data across the US. It is the standard platform they are still using today”.


Next came myThings, a cutting-edge digital advertising company using behavioural targeting. “For the first time I saw a truly talented tech team in action, when Google named one of our products as best in market”.


After designing an unprecedented and highly successful customer acquisition flow in a fintech start-up, Jacob and his wife built their own project Lavish Shoestring, an online vintage and antique home store. “We use artificial intelligence to catalogue unique products with a minimal human interaction, seamlessly and in real time. What takes an auction house 10 days and 5 experts to complete, we do it in an afternoon with one unskilled worker”.


Following his arrival at Staff Heroes earlier this year to assist in our Operations department, Jacob recently accepted the role as the Head of Onboarding and Community.


What’s in store? “Staff Heroes is unlike any other company operating in this sector. While everyone else is trying to perfect the old way of doing things, we are building a solution unlike any other. Simple and effective both for the workers and for the businesses. Some of this will be ready for the busy Autumn season this year.”


Favourite Saying: Look for a simple solution that can deliver a disproportionately large impact, there is always one.