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Turn Your Christmas Temp Job Into A Permanent Position

10th March 2019
‘Christmas Temps Wanted.’
As shops start focusing on their seasonal retail recruitment strategy, it’s likely that you’ll see a similar sign in nearly every shop window on the high street.
Seasonal retail vacancies can be a real blessing for those looking for work. However, with so many shops recruiting retail staff in bulk, it’s inevitable that only a small percentage of temps will be kept on after the busy season.
So how can you ensure that you’re one of the lucky few?
The first step is to secure the vacancy. Keep an eye on retail websites and shop windows as retail recruitment campaigns are usually widely publicised. When handing in your CV, make sure you’re friendly, well presented and positive; first impressions count.
Once you’ve bagged the job, there are several things you can do to make an excellent impression on your managers during your temporary contract.

Get the basics right

You’d be surprised at how many people think it’s acceptable to show up late or miss shifts because they’re on a temporary contract. Temporary jobs should be treated no differently to any other roles.


If you’re able to, take on any extra hours or offer to step in at the last minute if anyone calls in sick. As retail shift patterns can change on such a frequent basis, your managers will appreciate and note your adaptability.

Stay positive

Christmas can be a stressful time in retail. With endless queues of flustered customers, busy shops and the need for constant replenishment, it’s easy to let that smile slip from your face. However, power through. Your positivity and ability to keep calm are excellent qualities to have when dealing with customers and it will also rub off on the rest of your team.

Make yourself indispensable

If your supervisor is looking stressed in the stockroom, ask if there’s anything you can do to help. Or, if you’re not in a rush, offer to stay on an extra 15 minutes after your shift to do some tidying. This shows that you actually care, have a solid work ethic and puts you in a great position for a job at the end of your contract.

Go the extra mile

Although this is important in retail or customer service roles all year round, really go out of your way to help customers at Christmas time. They’ll appreciate it so much more at such a busy time of year.

Don’t complain

Don’t moan about probably having to work on Boxing Day. We all know that it’s a complete drag but it will most likely be part of your contract so just embrace it and think of that plate of leftover turkey and stuffing waiting for you when you get home.

Express interest

After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. As part of their retail recruitment strategy, employers may well ask you during your interview if you’re able to work after the Christmas period. However, it doesn’t hurt to reiterate this nearer to the end of your contract.

Get to know your colleagues

It’s surprising how many Christmas temps don’t bother to make the effort with permanent members of staff as they presume that there’s no point. However, when selecting new permanent employees, management will always look to see who gels with their current staff; a successful retail operation is, after all, a team effort.
If you miss out on being chosen as a permanent member of staff, don’t be disheartened. Ask your manager if they’ll keep your details on file if a vacancy does arise – if you’ve followed the above tips, the chances are they will be more than happy to.